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Printers Finishing

High Quality Printers Finishing

B-P Products, Inc. is a high quality Printers Finsher. Our capabilities and services include; die cutting, folding, gluing, shrink wrapping, mounting, easeling, fugitive glue, and transfer tape application. Hand Finishing is also available for short runs, point-of-purchase displays, and for hand folding assembly.

Die Cutting

B-P Products, Inc specializes in the die cutting of paperboard for printers. Our highly trained pressman, each with over 20 years experience in precision die-cutting, can find solutions for your most challanging die cutting needs. Between our Thompson, Bobst and Heidelberg presses , we can handle short or long runs, quickly and efficiently, and look forward to servicing you.


The folding of presentation folders, expanded pocket folders, folding cartons, brochures and mailers can be done by machine or by hand. Our finishing services are high quality and competitively priced.


Locking back easels, single or double wing, can be made in a variety of sizes and boards to meet your needs. We can provide them ready for glue or with a self-adhesive strip on the back. We can also apply them in-house to your counter cards or displays.


Water based glues are used for our hand and machine gluing of folders and folding cartons. For POP displays or other special applications, fugitive glue or transfer tape may be a better option. We will work with you to determine which is the best application for your product.


POP displays, counter cards, and shelf talkers can all be machine mounted to heavier stock for added stability.

Transfer Tape Application

Transfer tape can be applied by hand or machine. It offers either a permanent or removable bond, depending on the application.

Highly trained pressmen

Our skilled pressmen, each with over 20 years experience, can find solutions for your most challenging die cutting needs