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Steel Rule Dies

Complete in-house steel rule die design department

B-P Products, Inc. has a complete, in-house die design, production and sample making department. Our dies are high quality and competitively priced. 

For fast service,  Email digital files to us at or call us at 203-288-0200

We can send and receive in the following formats; Adobe Illustrator .AI .EPS, Adobe PDF .PDF, AutoCAD DXF .DXF, AutoCAD DWG .DWG (releases 11/12, 13, 14, 2000/2000i/2002, 2004/2005/2006, 2007), CFF2 .CFF .CF2, DDES 2 (ANSI IT8.6-1998) .DDS .DDE .DS2, DDES 3 (ANSI IT8.6-2002) .DD3, HPGL .PLT .HPG .HPGL, NC .NC .CNC

Cimex Cimpak Software logo

Cimex Cimpak Software

B-P Products Inc. uses Cimex CimPack software Version #15.1 for Steel Rule Die Layout, Stripping Units, and Counter Plates. Also with Cimex CimPak software, we design Custom Packaging, Folding Cartons, POP Displays, Tent Cards, Media Holders, Ballot Boxes, or anything that is used to hold a product, advertise an event, or provide information.

Mimaki CF2-0912 Plotter

Mimaki CF2-0912 Plotter

Once the design is complete it can be sent to our Mimaki Sample Maker
for a near production quality sample. This is an invaluable tool to ensure
proper fit for your product, pre-production, and as a sales tool for sales
reps and brokers.

Gerber Profile 408

Gerber Profile 408

The Gerber Profile 408 with its computerized routing system, cuts a die board with the precision of laser without the environmental concerns associated with laser. This unique routing technology is fast, accurate and results in a flatter die board and a tighter knife fit.

EasyBender S1 automated steel rule processor

EasyBender S1

The Adams Technologies EasyBender® S1 automated steel rule processor/bender processes and bends rule for the steel rule dies. The patented bending mechanism allows for closed shapes and is one of the reasons the EasyBender® S1 can and do things other benders can’t. No other system can produce bends as intricate or accurate.

Sample Making

Our design department will be pleased to provide you with a near production quality sample. A hands-on sample is an invaluable tool to ensure proper fit for your product and as a sales tool for sales reps & brokers.

Steel rule die example
Steel rule die example
Steel rule die example
In-house steel rule die design
Steel rule die design, production and sample making